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Thank you for Commenting

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I love it!  I really do dear reader!  I love reading blog posts and leaving my two pennies worth.  I do it all the time,  I spend time reading your long 1000+ word blog post and it really resonates with me so I want to leave you a comment and make you feel special because I left you a comment that adds value.

why oh why are you making me jump through hoops

Are you sure you want me to go away from your blog and create an account with Disqus?  Why oh why are you making it difficult for me to leave a comment?

Look when I see you have Disqus I leave and never come back just because you are making me jump through hoops.  You are being selfish you your readers and commentors!  If I leave because of this then you can bet you bottom dollar others are as well.  It is this reason why I love CommentLuv.

I value my readers comments and I visit their blogs so when someone leaves me a comment that I love and feel adds value to my blog I will go and visit their latest blog post.  And do you know why?  Simple their comment has a juicy backlink to one of their latest blog posts right below their valuable comment!

With CommentLuv enabled on my blog not only am I giving back to my commentors but other commentors can see that juicy backlink so if you have a particularly interesting blog post title other commentors will get interested and click on it just out of curiosity.  In other words TRAFFIC.

I am effectively promoting my commentors latest blog posts.  After all they have took the time to leave me a comment after reading my post so why should I not reward them with a nice little backlink!  Disqus does not do that,  Disqus does not even let me add my blog address to my comments on your blog posts.

If you have Disqus enabled on your blog how will you know my own blog URL?  Do you not want to visit my blog and leave your comment on my posts?  Are you just wanting all the traffic coming to you and not spread the love and traffic by providing easy clickable links below your readers comments!

WordPress is great and it comes with it’s own comment form that contains all the fields you need like Name, Email, Web Address and Comment Area.  Disqus only lets me add my name and comment but nothing else.  Also CommentLuv integrates seamlessly with the standard comment area so why replace it with Disqus?

I know I know you are going to say to me well CommentLuv allows spam comments in all the time!  I am sorry but we always will get spam comments from time to time so why not punch spammers in the face then?

It’s also all about speed!  CommentLuv has a tiny file size unlike Disqus and will not slow down your Blog or make it Laggy check out this post by Richard Farnhill about Disqus and speed issues.  There is nothing worse than a slow loading blog and if yours is then I will leave dear reader!  There are loads of high PR and well respected bloggers out there who have CommentLuv enabled as This List will testify.

Even if you don’t want to install CommentLuv please for the sake of your blog don’t replace the perfectly good comment form that comes with WordPress with Disqus as you will be sacrificing traffic and even worse valuable comments from other bloggers in your niche.

So dear reader what’s it going to be?  CommentLuv or Disqus ?  Do you agree or disagree with me?  Do you know of any other commenting plugins that I could try!  Are you a blogger who has more than 1 commenting system?  Anything else you like to add to this post?  are you going to leave me a comment below?  If so do you want me to visit your latest blog post and leave a comment?

Let the Disqussion (Hahaha did you see what I did there? Disqussion Hahaha) begin!   MySignature


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  1. Hey Phil,

    I definitely agree with you about the disqus thing. I tried disqus out for a couple days and trashed it shortly thereafter. While the layout is kinda nice, it is definitely something that is really annoying for someone who wants to leave a comment but not create an account. I have yet to switch over to CommentLuv, but I imagine I will eventually. Good post though man, I enjoyed disqussing this (i stole that from you) haha

    Hope you’re doing well man.

    Josh May
    Josh May recently posted…Best Affiliate Marketing Resource Known to Man – and it’s FREEMy Profile

    • No problem at all Josh go for your life!

      Yep you deffo should get CommentLuv! I am considering getting the premium version shortly as I am getting quite a few spam comments coming in most days but I am somewhat evil as I just love shooting them out the water every morning!

      Anyway I am glad you enjoyed my latest dude!

      - Phillip

  2. Hey there Phil,

    I am a huge fan of CommentLuv. A great example is how I came to read this post. I was actually visiting another blog that was using CommentLuv and came across your comment and clicked on your link.

    Wala you received another visit and comment :)

    Take care Phil!
    Steven J WIlson recently posted…25 Action Words and How They Help Customers Make the Decision YOU WantMy Profile

    • The power of commentluv hey,

      You really cannot beat it! I know Ryan Bidduph wrote about that very thing in a post months ago but after searching his blog for it alas I cannot find it buddy!

      I hope that he will leave me a comment on here with the post dude as it was quite a great one. I like to think of CommentLuv as a giant snowball! The more I comment the more traffic comes!

      Many thanks for stopping by and leaving me a comment dude, means a lot!

      Have a great Sunday!

      - Phillip

  3. Hey Phillip,

    Well you know that I’m a huge supporter of CommentLuv Premium although Andy’s free version is rock solid too.

    I’ve never used any other commenting system other then WordPress but I know why everyone went crazy over Disqus and LiveFyre when they came out. It allows people to carry on the conversation on a platform other than the blog and that made that post “look” like more people commented on it. Once people figure this out though, it’s kind of like Google+. Those people never actually read the post or visited the blog at all. It’s the allure of social proof.

    It’s also suppose to cut down on spam because you do have to create an account or comment using your log-in details from one of your social accounts. I understand that spam is a royal pain in the you know what but to me it’s just part of the package. Those that get a lot and haven’t learned how to control it get so frustrated I guess they would rather lose genuine comments then deal with spam. What a shame.

    I also know some bloggers do NOT want you leaving their blog through someone else’s link so if they’re not there then problem solved.

    Personally I agree that if you don’t make things easy for your commenters then you’re likely to lose them to someone else who has. I don’t necessarily like these other commenting system but I did sign up with them when they first came out because I wanted to comment on certain blogs that used it. I did not though go create my account so I never see their responses to my comments. I signed up and that’s all you’re getting from me.

    Adrienne recently posted…How To Grab The Attention Of Your Target AudienceMy Profile

    • Exactly you got it right there Adrienne!
      Disqus actually makes the blog post obsolete so what blog at all! Why not just join discus and use it as just a social network!
      I know what you mean about spam though and I really should upgrade to the premium version as soon as I can! What I do though is have my settings so that every comment needs to be approved manually as then I can filter through the real and spam comments instead of actually auto approving!
      Every morning and evening I go through my comments and approve them manually, I kind enjoy it anyway as I am getting just a few spam comments at the moment but I am sure this will change over the coming months!
      Many thanks for your comment Adrienne you make some great points here!
      - P

  4. I totally agree with you on Commentuv, it’s the best. I too have issues with Discuss having people register with them in order to comment on my blog. I’ve been using CommentLuv for about 3 years and bought CommentLuv premium about two years ago. I’ve been using it on all my blogs and will not use another commenting plugin….EVER.

    But a while back I started getting a LOT of spam comments, luckily CommentLuv was not to blame. Some guy registered on my blog and then used a spambot to send me these spammy comments, sometimes as much as 200 a day. But, that’s a “Disqussion” for another day. As i said, CommentLuv was not to blame, but it was one of the plugins I used to eliminate the spam comments. :)

    God bless and keep well.

    And, oh yea, feel free to visit my blog and leave a comment. :)
    Abraham van der Linde recently posted…4 Best WordPress Plugins To Prevent Comment And Registration SpamMy Profile

    • Hi Abraham,

      Many thanks for visiting and commenting! Yep you are right and this is a tactic a few spammers are using nowadays! I have set my blog so that no one can register on my blog

      but I am on the lookout for Guest bloggers to write here and my tactic is that once someone has had 3 guest posts published on here I will make them a contributor account so that only them can login and comment or write posts on here!

      You have made a good observation here buddy and I appreciate it.

      All the Best
      - Phillip

  5. Hi Phillip,

    Like you I also love reading other people’s blogs and taking the time to comment. Not only does this help you drive traffic to your site, but helps you start building a relationship with the blog owner.

    I too run from blogs that make you jump through hoops to comment. I hate commenting on blogs that use Disqus. I used to take the time to comment when I first got started with my blog.

    Now like you, I run as fast as I can and I never return to read their posts. Even though sometimes I really love their content. I just don’t have the time to read their content if I can’t comment on their blog.

    I love CommentLuv and have been using it about a month after my blog was set up. I wouldn’t remove it for nothing. I don’t mind giving a backlink to my readers. After all, if it wasn’t for them, my blog would look like a ghost town.

    Thanks for sharing and I’m glad to see that I’m not the only one who feels like this.
    Susan Velez recently posted…Make $500 On Flippa – My Christmas ChallengeMy Profile

    • Hi Susan,

      Thank you for your comment, and good for you! I have noticed a trend in top bloggers using these comment systems which is a shame!

      I loved what Adrienne said above about Disqus being a platform where people will leave out the post altogether and not read said post!

      I think more bloggers need to champion Andy Bailey’s CommentLuv plugin a lot more so that the big name bloggers start using it and especially now that Andy has improved it to fight spam more effectively!

      Many thanks for visiting my blog Susan and leaving your contribution! means a lot!
      - Phillip

  6. Hi Phillip,

    Good to be over at your blog too :)

    Oh yes…there is NO question about not having CommentLuv, and I think I can never even think of anything better than it after having found it now! I used to have discus long back, but that was the time when Andy hadn’t come up with CommenLuv, and it worked well while it did.

    For some people, they just prefer Discus and even LiveFyre for that matter, or the simple WordPress commenting system, even though the free version of CommentLuv anyone can put up. I guess it all depends on their personal preferences. I think the CommentLuv premimum has a lot into it and a must-do investment. I admit it to being a little heavy as compared – it takes more space so as to say, but then it comes to the same nearly if you have to instal the various 8 plugins instead of the 1 that CommentLuv offers. All for it :)

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice week ahead :)
    Harleena Singh recently posted…Do Miracles Happen in Real LifeMy Profile

  7. Hi Harleena!

    No thank you for gracing your presence on my blog am honoured that you have! Good for you though as you have moved back from ‘The Dark Side’ in blog commenting!

    It’s just a same as I have said above on Susan’s comment above that a few top bloggers seem fit to use these blog comment systems I think that if they do not want to use CommentLuv then they should just use the bespoke WordPress system instead!

    I am obsessed with blog speed and I always try and slim down my blog as much as I can by using as few plugins as I can, so having a one size fits all plugin is great and I should really start thinking about upgrading my CommentLuv plugin!

    Thanks again for taking the time to read my post and leaving me a comment it means a lot to me!
    All the best
    - Phillip

  8. Of course an interesting way to drive your visitors away is through the use of Disqus.

    Why go in for Disqus when Commentluv is there?
    Emmanuel recently posted…What makes me go GAY in Blogging?My Profile

    • Exactly dude you hit the nail right on the head there buddy why indeed! ^Seems to me great minds think alike!
      Thanks for your comment buddy I truly appreciate it!
      - Phillip

  9. Hi Phil,

    ComLuv all the way dude! Great post man….more need to be aware of the community that ComLuv users join and grow…..gotta give that solid backlink juice to grow a community and encourage comments.

    I went from Disqus to ComLuv and saw a spike in comments right after.

    Thanks dude!
    Ryan Biddulph recently posted…1 Mistake Which Cripples Struggling BloggersMy Profile

    • Seems to me you was on the dark side dude! welcome to the light side buddy! It’s amazing hey that just changing your commenting system you get more traffic!
      Thanks for your comment buddy!
      - Phillip


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